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My name is Crysta and my husband is Christian.  We are both in our early 30's.  We were married October of 2008 after a 7 year courtship. :)  We came to Jacksonville together and have lived here for 10 years.  I grew up in New Jersey and him in Texas.  We met each other in high school in Pensacola, Fl.  We didn't have the easiest relationship, but we have stuck together through thick and thin.  If we made it through all that we have, anyone can make it.

For my entire life I have owned pets.  I had a cat growing up as well as other small furry critters.  My husband grew up with dogs and cats, so we both have a love for animals.  We adopted our first chinchilla off a classified ad from someone who didn't know how to take care of them.  At that time we also weren't very experienced, but we quickly joined a web forum that helped us to no end.  We still go there for advice (to see the link for the forum, please visit the "News & Links" section of the site).  After seeing our baby in that condition it got us thinking about other chinchillas in the area who made need help.  That started our rescue back in 2006.  Many people get chinchillas not knowing how much care they need.  There are also the people who are moving and can't take the chin with them..etc.  Things arise and we completely understand that.  We do not judge the people who surrender their chinchillas to us, just thank them for making the decision they did.  We love, love, love being around these furry guys.  They are amazing pets and we come to love every one we take in.  


 Us in St. Augustine, FL.


Us on our wedding day.



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    A Chin Slave
  • "Great site for supplies. I have always been pleased with anything ordered from here!!!"
    Dana Dean
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    Allie & The Five Lovely Ladies
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