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It is with a great amount of thought and a very heavy heart that we have decided to close the rescue at this time. We have been talking and thinking about this for a long time, but wanted to keep things going for as long as possible. We are still here for any of the chinchillas we had adopted out if they need to return, but we will not be taking in any new surrenders. This means we may still periodically have a chinchilla looking for a home, but it won't be on a regular basis like before. There are a few chinchillas that are left in the rescue, but these are ones that will remain in our care due to age or health problems.

We greatly appreciate your support over the years and want to say thank you to everyone. We are hopeful that we may be able to continue our rescue efforts in the future.

If you have a chinchilla that you can no longer care for and wish to surrender him/her to our rescue, please fill out the surrender form and submit it to us. If you would like to speak with us about the surrender of your chin, click "Contact Us" and we will either call you or email you within 24 hours. We ask that you tell us any information you know about the chinchilla, i.e. past and current health, age, gender and where you acquired the chinchilla (pet store/breeder/shelter).

It does not matter to us how old a chin is or whether they are male or female, etc., but we would like to have basic knowledge of the chin's history so we can better address any special needs they may have. Also, please tell us the town and state you are located in.

We have been rescuing chinchillas for over 3 years and have adopted out over 30 chinchillas in that time.  We love and care about every chinchilla that comes into our rescue and take the time we need to, to find them the absolute best future home.  While they are here, they will get a vet visit with Dr. Hart at Hidden Hills Animal Hospital.  They also get all the love and care they deserve until the best home for them is found.  If a chinchilla is sick or hurt, they will remain here until better.  They always have a place here no matter how long that is.

As much as we hate to refuse any chinchilla in need, there are times when we just simply do not have any more openings for new residents due to space constraints. On those occasions we make every effort to network with other rescues and chinchilla experienced guardians to try to make arrangements for foster care until a forever home can be found.  

If yes, please provide the following information:

If not feeding Purina Advanced Nutrition a small supply of your feed is required.


We strive to get chinchillas into Spoiled Rotten Chinchillas as quickly as possible, but sometimes we have to restrict the number of incoming chinchillas due to space constraints.   If you have a situation that requires the chinchilla be surrendered immediately, please indicate so and explain.  If you have any further comments not provided for on this form, please add below for that purpose as well:


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