Spoiled Rotten Chinchillas

Jacksonville Chinchilla Rescue

Jacksonville Exotic Vets

Hidden Hills Animal Hospital- Dr. Hart
(904) 641-3348

Exotic Bird Hospital (they are also experienced in exotic animals)

Riverside Animal Clinic

Florida Rescues and Breeders

Orlando Chinchillas- Central Florida home based rescue. Website

Florida Chinchilla Rescue- Central Florida home based rescue that takes in chinchillas and other small critters.  Website

US Rescues

Apple Wood Rescue- Denver, CO.- registered 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity that will accept Chinchillas, Rats, Hamsters, Mice, Gerbils, Sugar Gliders and Degus.  Website 


Chinchilla Stuff

Fantastic artwork!  Sendra made my fantastic logo, which I can't thank her enough for.  Go check her out!  Website


Chinchilla Information

If you have questions about anything about chinchillas, here are a few web forums.

Lucky's Place 




  • "ALL 9 of my boys LOVE the critter cookies. I break them in little pieces so everyone can get some. I personally like them because they are hay based and so many treats out ther..."
    Critter Cookies Rock!
  • "I ordered the large cookies, and my chins love them. I break them in to 4 pieces, one for each chin and they think it is Christmas! Crysta was easy to order from, prices and..."
    Happy ChinMom
  • "I ordered some chinnie salad for my boys to try, and all three of them loved it! Chico still has a sore mouth from having several teeth filed but he dove into the salad anyway...."
    Mom to Chico, Beck, and Gizmo

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