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Due to our work schedules and the rescue being busier than normal, we are not filling online orders at this time.  If you adopted a chinchilla from us and need additional supplies, please contact me through email. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Chinchilla Products

High quality pellets are cheaper and much better for your chinchilla than pet store food.  I can fit 11 lbs. in a flat rate shipping priority box for $10.95.  If you're in the area you are more than welcome to pick it up at no extra cost.

 Photo                    Item Cost

Purina Advance Nutrition Show Pellets.  This is a very high quality rabbit food that comes highly recommended for chinchillas. Not all rabbit pellets are suitable for chinchillas!  This feed just happens to have everything a chinchilla needs in their diet.  This is what all my rescues (as well as my own chinchillas) eat.  

$.75  a lb






Mazuri Pellets are also a high quality chinchilla feed that comes highly recommended.  I do not carry this on hand at all times because I do not want it to spoil since I do not feed it to my chinchillas.  If you would like to purchase some, please let me know a week in advance and I will have it for you.

 $1.10 a lb

Crysta's Critter Cookies!  These cookies are made from high quality Oxbow Timothy Hay as their main ingredient.  Other ingredients include Oxbow orchard grass, organic rose hips, organic buckwheat groats, organic flax seeds, organic steel cut oats, organic rolled barley flakes, bee pollen, and organic alfalfa seeds. Chinchillas LOVE these cookies (just don't tell them they are good for them)! 

They are approximately the size of a $.50 piece, so they aren't small cookies.  I recommended breaking them into at least 4 pieces for a weekly treat.

$3.50 a dozen

Chinchilla Flower Salad!  Chinnie Flower Salad is a safe, yummy treat for your loved fur butts.  All ingredients are organic and wonderfully fragrant.  All my rescues love it.

Ingredients: chamomile flowers, pink rosebuds and petals, hibiscus petals, crushed and sifted rosehips, bee pollen, peppermint leaf, alfalfa leaf and timothy hay.

 $4.00 for 2oz.


Rosehips are a great treat for chinchillas and are a good source of Vitamin C.  Chinchillas love the taste and crunch.  


$1.00 an ounce, $5.50 1/2 pound, $10.00 a pound.











Timothy/Alfalfa Hay Cubes

Sold in 1lb. increments.



a lb.

 Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust.  The most recommended dust by breeders and ranchers, and is the chosen dust for Chinchilla Shows.


a lb.




Organic Apple Sticks/Twigs.  All twigs are under 1/2 in. around, which we feel is the best size for little chinchilla hands.  Wood has been scrubbed, boiled and baked with love and just a little elbow grease. ;)

$12.00 a lb. 


Fleece Items


Coming soon!

 If you have something particular you are looking for please contact us.  We may have it even though the site hasn't been updated yet!


  • "My boys Calvin & Hobbes love the Chinnie Salad! It smells wonderful and it works great as a treat, sprinkled in hay or baked into cookies. I will be getting more when I have u..."
  • "I have a lazy chewer, and the Flower Salad has worked wonders for attracting her to the hay!"
    ChinsNFriends Admin
  • "Great site for supplies. I have always been pleased with anything ordered from here!!!"
    Dana Dean

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